It is our mission to use our network of readers and contacts to promote and offer for sale our own books as well as those of other authors needing assistance to get their works widely circulated and read by a wider reading population than they could reach on their own.

 In this connection, we will maintain a very high standard of patriotism, professionalism and ethical standards by ensuring that all the books offered for sale on this platform will not promote disunity among Nigerians or be overtly offensive to the religious, ethnic, gender and other social groups in Nigeria. We will handle no pornography or books promoting nudity.

 That, however does not mean we will exclude controversial works which might be challenging the status quo or calling governments and those in authority to question.

 The decision to accept any book for promotion and sale on this platform is entirely at our discretion and we are under no obligation to give reasons for the rejection of any book.

 Ultimately, it is our mission to help revive the reading culture which had been lost among Nigerians – especially our youths.



  1. Every book accepted for promotion and sale on this platform must have been written and ready for sale. Under no circumstances will any work-in-process be accepted. 
  1. We will not be responsible for the contents of any book being promoted and any liabilities ensuing from the materials sent to us. 
  1. As proof that the books are available, two copies of the book(s) must be sent to us as well as proof of delivery copies of the books by a publisher/printer. At no time will we warehouse copies of any book(s) being promoted – unless by special arrangement which will be negotiated on a case by case basis. 
  1. The cover price of the book must be provided to us in writing; and from that will our commissions and the delivery charges to customers be determined by us based on the location of the customer anywhere in the world. We will of course explain to the author of the book the basis of our charges including cost of delivery. 
  1. Our standard commission is ten per cent of the cover charge – except by special agreement. All children books and text books will attract no commission charge and the discount will be passed on to the readers. 
  1. Once an order is made and payment made, it is our duty to ensure that the book in delivered, proof of delivery established and to credit the account of the owner(s) of the book(s). 
  1. Any dispute arising from our transactions shall first of all be resolved at a meeting between the two parties; failing which an arbitrator will be selected by both parties to settle the dispute. We sincerely hope that no dispute will lead to litigation. 
  1. To minimize disputes and litigation, as much as possible, it is our policy to fully refund any book owner for any books sent to us and sold to third parties. This however should not be construed as admission of guilt on our part. 
  1. Once a year, we intend to hold an Annual Writers Forum and Workshop, bringing writers together, with the sole aim of building networks to enable Nigerian writers collaborate more to work on joint writing projects and to seek sponsorship for writers wishing to work on complex social problems e.g. herdsmen/farmers clashes, environmental change, plastic pollution, gender equality and girl-child education. 
  1. At all times we intend to remain an ethical platform putting service above profit and promoting writing and reading in Nigeria.